Important to know air energy facts and figures

Compressed air energy cost facts

Compressed air is accepted as being the fourth utility used in industry. The electrical energy used to drive air compressors, equates to nearly 10% of all the electricity used in the UK and with the cost of electricity, continuing to rise significantly, the financial burden on industry has never been greater. By improving the efficiency of your system, substantial energy savings are achievable.

Compressed air energy cost facts

  • Compressed Air Generation is often the biggest energy cost for many industries.
  • Leakage rates from old system (and some new!) are often 25% or more of output.
  • Many systems run at much higher pressure than are actually required.
  • A rule of thumb is that every 2-psi increase in pressure requires an additional 1% in operating costs!

Energy saving tips

  • Ensure compressor output is matched to demand.
  • Reducing system pressure will reduce leakage rates.
  • Utilise the lowest acceptable pressure - reducing by 1 bar will save approximately 7% - 10% energy costs.
  • Duct the waste heat for space heating or water heating.
  • Ensure that lockable valves are in place to isolate pipe work not in use.
  • Carry out regular system checks for leaks (CPC offer an air leak detection service using ultrasonics).
  • Isolate machinery with solenoid valves to prevent leakage when not in use.
  • Maintain downstream equipment i.e. filters - blocked units can cause serious pressure drops.

What can you do?

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