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Compressed air is an ongoing and significant cost to UK business.

Nearly 10% of the National Grid’s electricity generation is used to generate compressed air, and on average between 20-35% if that is wasted!!

Why request an energy audit?

Operating a modern compressed air system is a complicated business, balancing reliability, efficiency and control. The best place to start is with a CPC Compressed Air Energy Audit. We will help you get the most from your compressed air system.

What's involved with an energy audit

CPC engineers install data logging equipment to measure flow rate, pressure, and kW usage. From the information recorded, generally over 7 days, we are able to provide our customers with a complete record of their compressed air usage and costs. Thich enables you to make informed judgment regarding your current and future requirements, and with the information gathered CPC can almost certainly guarantee providing energy saving solutions (see our energy saving tips page).

What does it cost?

As we said - it’s free from CPC!

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