Air Receivers

It is an essential requirement for all compressed air installations to have adequate storage - i.e. air receivers.

The larger the storage capacity the more efficient your compressed air system will be. The compressors will run on/off load less often and in cases where system failure is critical, larger storage capacity provides a 'buffer' for the air supply until another compressor cuts in. The receiver will also remove a large percentage of the condensate produced during the compression process, extending the life of downstream equipment.

CPC provide a large range of receivers from 90 to 10,000 litre capacity and are designed to the highest quality standards. All the receivers are galvanised inside and out to ISO 1461 and are supplied with all fittings and certification. These quality engineered receivers enable 5 year inspection cycles thereby reducing service costs.

CPC are also able to provide customised receivers if required. Please enquire.

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CPC provide a true single source supplier for all your requirements from a single component to design and build of control systems, installation of compressors, ring mains and complete turnkey projects.

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