Energy Management

CPC engineers install data logging equipment to measure flow rate, pressure, and kW usage.

From the information recorded, generally over 7 days, we are able to provide our customers with a complete record of their compressed air usage and costs, which enables them to make informed judgment regarding their current and future requirements. Often this may require replacing old outdated plant with more efficient compressors including Variable Speed options, or even downsizing.  In any event, from information gathered we can also certainly guarantee providing energy solutions.

We work closely with the Carbon Trust who can often provide interest free loans for applications that provide payback for new equipment in under 5 years. Click on to the attached Carbon Trust logo for further details or contact CPC direct.

Compressed air energy facts

  • Compressed Air Generation is often the biggest energy cost for many industries.
  • Leakage rates from old system (and some new!) are often 25% or more of output.
  • Reducing pressure will reduce leakage rate.

Energy Saving Tips

  • Ensure compressor output is matched to demand.
  • Utilise the lowest acceptable pressure - reducing by 1 bar will save approximately 7% - 10% energy costs.
  • Duct the waste heat for space heating or water heating.
  • Ensure that valving is in place to isolate pipework not in use.
  • Carry out regular system checks for leaks (CPC offer an air leak detection service using ultrasonics).
  • Isolate machinery with solenoid valves to prevent leakage when not in use.
  • Maintain downstream equipment i.e. filters - blocked units can cause serious pressure drops.
  • Last but not least! Contact CPC A.S.A.P.

Why use us

CPC provide a true single source supplier for all your requirements from a single component to design and build of control systems, installation of compressors, ring mains and complete turnkey projects.

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