Nitrogen Generation

Peak i-Flow

i-Flow modular gas generators provide the flexibility to expand in line with your business needs by increasing Nitrogen production capacity as your business grows. Compact in size, i-Flow enables you to make the best use of limited production space. Highly efficient, i-Flow provides on-demand Nitrogen gas with purities from 95% to 99.999% and flow-rates between 2Nm3/hr and 115Nm3/hr as standard. Higher capacities are available on request.

i-Flow 6000 Modular Nitrogen Generators

i-Flow is the reliable, convenient, cost effective and safe alternative to other bulk gas supplies.

Features & Benefits

Cost Saving

Innovative Eco-mode ensures the lowest possible running costs by efficiently managing compressed air production to meet Nitrogen demand.

Flexibility to Expand

Our systems are modular which means we can grow with your business needs.

Industry Experience

CPC has extensive experience in tailoring products to meet bespoke requirements. Whatever your needs we will try to assist you.

Space Saving

Much smaller than bulk LN2 tanks and does not compromise valuable workspace.

Environmentally Friendly

No more deliveries, Energy efficient and has an economy mode.

Common Applications

Nitrogen Solutions for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Product spoilage can occur from the second the food item is harvested. The chemical effects of atmospheric oxygen and the growth of aerobic micro-organisms result in changes to colour, smell, flavour and texture and will limit the shelf life of perishable foods such as meats, fruit and vegetables, dried foods, dairy and bakery products.

MAP is the process of modifying the atmosphere surrounding the product to control biochemical enzymatic and microbial actions to slow product degradation and increase shelf life expectancy.

Benefits of MAP
  • Extended shelf life
  • Reduction in retail waste
  • Increased sales through high quality product
  • Fewer product returns through spoilage
  • Improved presentation of product
  • Little or no need for chemical preservatives
  • Increased distribution area and reduced transport costs due to less frequent deliveries
Why Nitrogen

Flushing with high purity Nitrogen Gas displaces air from food packaging and delays aerobic spoilage and oxidative deterioration. Using Nitrogen as filler gas provides a pressurised atmosphere, preventing the package from collapsing, an important consideration for food manufactures.

Nitrogen Solutions for Electronic Component Assembly

High purity Nitrogen gas is inert, electrically non-conducting and is cleaner than most filtered, dried air. It has an extremely low dewpoint, maintains atmospheric consistency and prevent oxidation or moisture penetration. These factors make nitrogen gas the atmosphere of choice for the assembly and storage of electronic components.

Benefits of Nitrogen in the soldering process
  • Prevents oxidation and moisture penetration
  • Improves integrity and reliability of soldered joints
  • Increased production with fewer product defects

Nitrogen Solutions Laser Cutting

High-powered laser cutting machines are the preferred option for repeatable, high quality cutting in a variety of materials.

Why Nitrogen

Nitrogen is used as an ‘assist’ gas, to blow molten material away from the cut area. Critically, Nitrogen gas displaces Oxygen and prevents the formation of an oxide layer; leaving a bright, burr-free cut edge that requires no further processing prior to painting or welding.

Materials cut using Nitrogen assist gas will have little or no bevel or taper.

Benefits of using Nitrogen
  • Increased productivity through higher cutting speeds
  • No oxide layer on cut edge making it easy to weld and paint or powder-coat
  • Burr-free edges with no discolouration
  • A ‘true’ cut edge with no bevel or taper distortion
  • High pressure Nitrogen helps cool the metal and reduces the heat affected zone

Why use us

CPC provide a true single source supplier for all your requirements from a single component to design and build of control systems, installation of compressors, ring mains and complete turnkey projects.

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