Teseo Modular Aluminium Pipework Systems

Teseo Srl was the first company worldwide to develop a Modular Aluminium Pipework solution for the distribution of compressed air. The Hollow Bar System (HBS) was the first modular system developed by Teseo and is capable of distributing compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other inert gases. Internal pipe sizes from 25mm to 110mm ensure that the range covers the majority of industry requirements.

The smoothness of the internal bore ensures low air friction and guarantees high performance in terms of flow rate and pressure reduction.

Teseo, founded in 1988 (the same year as CPC!) immediately began to prove to the worldwide market its character in pioneering, innovative & creating in developing market leading exclusive products and patented technological solutions.

The latest generation of modular aluminium systems developed by Teseo is the AP system which compliments the HBS range and is fully interchangeable. The AP range is available in 20-25-40 and 50mm I.D. sizes and comes with a wide variety of fixings and outlets to enable quick and easy installation.

With both the HBS & AP system all joints are double 'O' ring sealed so systems are leak free, they are very high flow (30% higher than equivalent size steel pipe), lightweight and easy to install, add to, or modify.

Because all of the pipework and fittings are of aluminium and metal the systems are easily earthed (unlike some other systems that use plastic components).

Amongst Teseo users are Rolls Royce Aerospace, Ford Motor Company, BAE, Airbus Industries, Ryanair, Triumph Motor Cycles, Selex (Marconi), Coca Cola, Spirax Sarco, Numatic, Ministry of Defence.

Teseo systems can generally be installed in a fraction of the time as conventional steel systems.

Why use Teseo Modular Pipework?

  • It is High Flow
  • Internally clean so ideal for applications where air quality is paramount
  • Double 'O' ring seals ensure no leaks
  • Each joint is mechanically secure
  • Very lightweight
  • Aesthetically the best system available
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 10 year warranty

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