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Dental Compressors

Why choose a KAESER dental compressor? Because you expect your dental compressor to provide oil-free, dry and hygienic compressed air, especially in times of significantly increased air demand. This is one of the most important requirements for satisfied patients, dental laboratory partners and successful clinical work.



KAESER dental compressors ensure a reliable and effective compressed air supply in compliance with ISO 7494-2:2003, Dentistry and Dental Units, part 2, and Water and Air Supplies (ISO 7494-2:2003). As a result, patients are also protected against elevated infection risks. The dependable compressed air supply in compliance with applicable standards ensures that your treatment units and instruments such as pneumatic motors, turbine and powder blast handpieces, multifunctional spray guns, air scalers, air abrasion systems and accessories work reliably and last a long time. These proven dental compressors combine high performance with compact design. Highly durable and reliable, each unit is virtually maintenance-free and provides oil-free air with minimal power consumption. DENTAL series compressors are the perfect choice for dental practices with up to 12 treatment units and for medical and dental laboratory uses. 


Dental laboratories

A dependable air supply for dental laboratories with equipment ranging from simple air nozzles to modern CAD/CAM systems that require large volumes of compressed air is essential to your success – without that, nothing works. It is also possible to retrofit an existing compressed air system with a refrigeration dryer and fillters – with no loss of compressed air output in the form of purge air. This allows you to adjust the quality of the compressed air to meet actual requirement.



At universities, a reliable and safe compressed air supply enables professors and students alike to focus on research and learning. A central compressor station ensures a cost-effective and dependable compressed air supply. This kind of well-designed station can deliver a reliable supply of compressed air to hundreds of fully operational treatment chairs, student training chairs and large dental technology laboratories


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