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Founded in 1964, Camozzi Automation embarked on an evolutionary journey that, in just a few years, saw the company become a leading industrial solutions provider in automation.

Ongoing investment has enabled the company to build and consolidate its international presence and broaden its product offering. Today, this comprises solutions for industrial automation, components and systems to control liquid and gaseous fluids, and applications dedicated to the transportation industry.


The ability to combine the dependability of valves, actuators and pneumatic components, with precision control guaranteed by regulators and proportional valves.

The speed and precision in positioning offered by electromechanical cylinders and axes, optimising every movement with the performance required by each specific application.

These abilities are at the heart of the competitive advantage that Camozzi Automation is able to offer to its customers.

Flexibility and precision

Camozzi offers a complete range of actuators that includes mini-cylinders and ISO profile cylinders. Innovative options include compact cylinders, stainless steel construction guided cylinders, rod-less cylinders, rotary actuators, products integrated with position transducers and products for handling.

Completing the range are sensors, guides, brakes, rod-locks, shock absorbers, accessories for fixing and all the tools you need to optimise a pneumatic circuit.

The "Camozzi Innovation System" is central to how the group operates, with the following philosophies being widely used and followed: "Total Quality Management (TQM)", "Lean Production System (LPS)" and "Supply Chain Management (SCM)".

This activity control system has been established following 10 years of continuous improvements as they aim to completely eliminate all wastage and inefficiency in every area of production.


By taking a multi-technology approach, Camozzi is able to analyse each individual application and develop solutions based on selecting the most appropriate pneumatic, electric or proportional technology.

This analysis is built on unrivalled expertise in product and technology specifications, and a thorough understanding of the functional characteristics of the specific applications.

Quality and Precision

Camozzi’s solutions for the control of actuation and the management of different types of fluids include linear actuators and grippers, valves and solenoid valves, plus components for air treatment, connection elements, and vacuum systems.

Ongoing R&D in mechatronic solutions has led to the integration of sensors and diagnostic systems that are capable of processing information on the operating parameters of the system.


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