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The simple ways to achieve energy and cost savings

By focusing on energy efficiency, CPC is able to assist compressed air users to control costs and minimise their environmental impact with a number of simple and effective measures.

Each element of the system impacts on another. Upgrading to an energy efficient compressor will only have a limited effect if all other sectors of the system are not addressed.

Items to be reviewed

All of these could be causing pressure drop and raising energy costs. Every one bar reduction in pressure drop can save 6% of the electrical generating costs.

• Leaking pipework and connections

• Old rough bore or wrong sized pipework

• Inefficient fittings and air treatment (driers, filters, drains etc.)

• Lack of regular maintenance

• Poor operating practices

The key steps to reducing costs

Up to 80% of the lifetime costs of a compressor are in the energy consumed and the maintenance of the system. It is worth remembering this when considering the capital outlay compared to operating costs.

Carry out an Energy Audit. These can be non-intrusive and using the EN ISO 1101 principles, will identify the air demand profile of the production process. It will show demand peaks and specific energy consumption (i.e. the number of kW required to produce each litre of air per second.)

From this a demand profile can be established and the most efficient operating system arrived at. For example: the benefits of Variable Speed Drive machines; optimising on and off load schedules and installing compressors of the correct size for current and future needs.

Establish leaks and other pressure drops. This will allow for consideration of improving pipework and fittings as well as length of runs. Air treatment equipment can also be reviewed, ensuring that the most up-to-date dryers are in place and that filters and drains are not causing problems.

Set a regular maintenance schedule in place, using genuine manufacturers’ parts.

Appoint a person responsible for the system and ensure that there is a written scheme of examination in place using Pressure Systems Regulations (PSSR) 2000.

This will lead to setting up training for operators to cover effective utilisation practices.

Set regular programs for follow up audits and leak detection. Fixing one 3mm leak can save up to £700 per annum in wasted energy.

At CPC we can assist with all or any of these activities.

In addition we offer a number of simple and effective measures all designed to reduce energy costs throughout the plant.

SIGMA Air Measurement. A compressed air management system that optimises the air supply and reduces energy consumption by up to 30%

SIGMA Control. This compressor controller uses high pressure, offering four control modes with savings up o 20%

Heat Recovery. Warmed compressed air can be used for space and water heating. An HRU can save up to 94% in air heating and 72% in water heating

SECOTEC Control Refrigerant Dryers. Compared with conventional dryers these can achieve up to 88% savings and can be eligible for ECA’s

Teseo modern smooth bore pipework to both reduce pressure drop and improve flow

Regular and effective maintenance. Planned maintenance schemes keep the system operating reliably and at peak efficiency, always using genuine parts, to protect your investment.


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