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Written Scheme of Examination

What is a Written Scheme of Examination?

Users and owner of a compressed air system must have a Written Scheme of Examination, for it to be operated. It must include pressure vessels, pipe lines and all protective devices.

The Scope of a Written Scheme is defined by a competent person, within your organisation or within your nominated consultancy. That person must have Incorporated Engineer Status with appropriate indemnity insurance

How we can help

At CPC, we are fully qualified to provide and certify Written Schemes of Examination for our customers. We follow the recommendations as outlined by the British Compressed Air Society, of which we are a member.

All written schemes comply with BCAS standards and include a schematic drawing of the compressed air distribution system. The Scheme will be underwritten by an Incorporated Engineer who holds specific insurance for this purpose.

Contact us for details of how we can assist you with a Written Scheme of Examination for your compressed air system.



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