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Everdry HOC-F

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As a heat regenerated compressed air adsorption dryer, EVERDRY ® series offers standardized system concepts with a wide range of configuration possibilities. Thereby, the complex problems special to compressed air drying at large volume flows
are solved particularly economically, and customer-specific requirements are met with individual solutions. In this respect, it is not the available technology that determines the concept of a drying system, but the solution-oriented, optimal technology. 

EVERDRY ® adsorption dryer series offers the possibility to make use of proven concepts in order to find customized solutions by drawing on comprehensive expertise. BEKO TECHNOLOGIES develops and plans complete concepts, tailored to customers’ specific needs.

Our experienced specialist can explain the many different kinds of energy  for heating regenerated air, such as compression heat, hot water, steam and natural gas − and all while ensuring compliance with international acceptance specifications. Customers’ needs are handled individually on a project basis.

Irrespective of where oil-free compressed pressurised air has to be generated, the advantages of the EVERDRY® HOC series impress consistently. Their main benefit: The heat, which is created during the compression process, is not - routed into the aftercooler as in conventional processes but, in this case, utilised for the desorption.

An adsorption dryer which utilises the heat from the compression process to create considerable energy savings is probably the most convincing argument when selecting the perfect product! Systems from the EVERDRY® HOC series function with operating pressure in all process stages. The loads and stresses on the components and drying agents, which are normally caused in conventional systems during pressure changes, do not occur in our systems. This therefore guarantees an extended service life for the system components. Systems with a volume flow of 100,000 m3 /h are also feasible when the customer requires them.

The desorption is executed in EVERDRY® HOC-F in full flow by exploiting the compression heat and the cooling in the full flow and utilising the cold pressurised air in the volume flow. No pressurised air losses for regeneration (ZERO Purge).


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