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HPC KAESER SECOTEC dryers save energy because the refrigerant system is shut down during breaks, periods of low demand and downtime - the control system operates without preset run-on periods. The integrated thermal mass ensures that the system is ready for operation at all times. A further advantage of SECOTEC® dryers is that they have a very low pressure drop compared with alternative drying systems.

Energy savings all day, every day, with SECOTEC® Control

The high capacity thermal mass is cooled down to cut-out temperature by the refrigeration circuit and extracts the heat from the compressed air that flows through the heat exchanger. As soon as the temperature of the thermal mass rises to the cut-in temperature the refrigerant compressor starts and cools it down again. Due to the thermal mass’ high capacity, the refrigerant compressor can be shut down as soon as the lower temperature is reached. This feature considerably reduces power consumption compared with non-cycling controllers.

Minimal pressure drop means more energy savings

The air/air and refrigerant/air heat exchangers are equipped with generously sized copper piping to ensure minimal pressure drop. The smooth inner walls of the piping prevent deposits from accumulating, so that the pressure drop across the SECOTEC dryer remains low, even after years of operation.


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