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Peak i-flow

i-Flow is a modular & scalable onsite nitrogen gas generation system, capable of producing a continuous supply of high purity nitrogen gas to meet the demands of numerous manufacturing and processing applications, such as blanketing, bottling, packaging, fire prevention, gas assisted cutting & moulding, purging, sparging and many more.

Harnessing the latest in pressure swing adsorption (PSA) gas purification technologies, i-Flow delivers a wide range of customizable purities (95 - 99.9995%) at high flow rates (21 - 4000+ L/min) and is the most cost effective & energy efficient nitrogen generation system available on the market.

Designed & engineered by a UK based ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer, i-Flow offers facilities a total onsite nitrogen supply solution, that not only eliminating the need for bulk nitrogen delivery via cylinders, dewars or micro-bulk tanks, but also empowers companies to take control of their supply, be more sustainable and enjoy massive financial benefits in the medium to long run.



  • A cost effective alternative to cylinder & micro-bulk supply
  • Stable costs, regardless of variable consumption


  • No more fuel or environmental surcharges for supply deliveries
  • Self-sufficiency, no need for reliance on external supply purchase
  • Reduced company carbon footprint

Energy efficient

  • N2 produced from air via onsite compressed air supply
  • Low electricity consumption, further managed by intelligent ‘eco-mode’

Expandable & Scalable

  • System expandable retrospectively (CMS columns and/or generator modules)
  • Scale back production based on seasonal/variable demand cycles

Onsite & On-Demand

  • Convenient & reliable source that is always available when customer needs it
  • Can fully integrate into facility systems for ease of monitoring & management

High Quality Engineering

  • Durable, reliable & robust product, built to highest standards with long lifespan

Verified compliance

  • Independently tested & confirmed to exceed standards of EIGA, EC Food Grade, JECFA (Joint body of UN & WHO on Food Additives), European Pharmacopoeia & US FDA (Title CFR 21)

Safe Supply

  • Safest method of process gas supply that eliminates need for H&S admin, manual handling & staff training, associated with highly pressurised cylinders/tanks.

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