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Modular Hollow Bar System

The HBS range by TESEO is reducing costs to you on various levels. A “Dual O-ring” sealing system eliminates air leaks, granting an energy saving effect. Downtime and labour costs are compressed to the few minutes needed for installing an outlet plate for a new machine or a new point of use.

More than any other black or galvanized steel pipe, smooth inner surface of extruded aluminium reduces friction of air flowing inside, minimizing the pressure drop, granting more flow at constant power consumption. Besides HBS profiled pipe sufficiently lighter than steel: supporting will cost less and mounting will be easier and quicker.


The Teseo HBS range’s unique design and wide range of accessories allows for quick installation and ongoing modifications of the system. Installation is performed simply with basic tools and safe operations, without welding, threading or painting anything. New outlet points can be simply installed with the DT hot tapping tool making it possible to create new points of use, drilling the pipework live in totally safe conditions.

Thanks to all these features, the cost of ownership of Teseo piping is very convenient in short time.

Constructed from rigid aluminium extrusion, HBS is a modular pipework system for the delivery transfer of compressed air, vacuum, inert gases and oils; suitable for use in small workshops right up to large industrial facilities.

Benefits to your business:

  • High Performance- Smooth internal bore allows higher flow rates and lower pressure drop.
  • Easy Installation - Lighter and easier to manage compared to traditional steel systems. Push to fit - does not require welding threading or painting.
  • Modify under Pressure - “Hot Tap” live to create new points of use-eliminating production down time to your business
  • Zero Leaks - Unique Dual “O” ring sealing system eliminates air leaks.

Energy efficiencies and cost savings compared to traditional galvanised systems are made from day one.

Available from sizes 25mm-32-50-63-80mm and 110mm i.d. – rated up to 15bar.


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