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Teseo UK provides a bespoke, turn-key solution to its clients’ needs and can carry out every aspect of a project from analysis, planning, design, supply and installation to after-care and advice on maintenance of a compressed air, nitrogen, vacuum or inert gas system.

Using their expertise and knowledge of the industry and working in live environments, we can help offer solutions which we know will work and achieve great results for the investment.

Services include:

  • Turn-key project management
  • Designing and optimization of compressed air pipe systems
  • Performance and payback estimation
  • Drawing up of project specs and bills of material
  • 3D design templates of ringmains, drops and manifolds
  • Support on site for installers and engineers
  • In house training for sales engineers and installers
  • Full range of product is stocked in the UK and we have an established nationwide distributor network

Hollow Bar System

Constructed from rigid aluminium extrusion, HBS is a modular pipework system for the delivery transfer of compressed air, vacuum, inert gases and oils; suitable for use in small workshops right up to large industrial facilities.

Benefits to your business:

  • High Performance- Smooth internal bore allows higher flow rates and lower pressure drop.
  • Easy Installation - Lighter and easier to manage compared to traditional steel systems. Push to fit - does not require welding threading or painting.
  • Modify under Pressure - “Hot Tap” live to create new points of use-eliminating production down time to your business
  • Zero Leaks - Unique Dual “O” ring sealing system eliminates air leaks.

Energy efficiencies and cost savings compared to traditional galvanised systems are made from day one.

Available from sizes 25mm-32-50-63-80mm and 110mm i.d. – rated up to 15bar.

Aluminium Pipework

(AP) Aluminium Pipework is the latest generation of modular compressed air pipework systems available from Teseo UK.  The AP profile is typically 70% lighter than traditional galvanised steel but robust thanks to the thicker wall of the tubing.  AP allows for quick installation and modifications of the system performed with simple basic tools without welding or threading.

Benefits to your business:

  • Flexibility  - Allows for quick installation and modifications to the system even if the job is completed.   Easy to make changes and add new branch lines or point of use drop.
  • Air Quality –Made of natural aluminium without painting or electrochemical surface treatments - makes the product resistant to corrosion and provides contaminant-free air.
  • Low Maintenance– Reduces costs for leakages, downtime and labour for modifications.

AP is available from sizes 20mm-25-40-50 and 63mm i.d. – rated up to  15 bar.

AP Multifuild at 25 Bars (360 PSI)

Suitable for inert gases and fluids and by doubling the clamping brackets of the joints and terminals of the AP system, this product can be used at a working pressure of up to 25 bar (360) psi.

The increase of working pressure enables the transportation of fluids such as mineral and synthetic oil, cooling and lubricating fluids.

For such a specific application a series of dedicated accessories are available, such as safety relief valves, manometers and expansion tanks.

The patented AP system is suitable for inert gases and fluids. By doubling the clamping brackets of every single joint and terminal of the system, the product can be used at a working pressure of up to 25 bar (360 psi). The AP range by TESEO is reducing costs to you on various levels. A “Dual O-ring” sealing system eliminates leaks. Downtime and labour costs are compressed to the few minutes needed for installing an outlet plate for a new machine or a new point of use

The increase of the working pressure enables the transportation of incompressible fluids such as;

  • mineral and synthetic oil,
  • cooling and lubricating fluids

All Teseo products come with a 20 year warranty - the longest in its sector.


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