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I Comp Tower 9

The concept of installing an oil-free compression reciprocating compressor in a soundproof enclosure is nothing new. In its AIRBOX CENTER and i.Comp TOWER T systems however, KAESER has combined this time-tested concept with the latest compressor technology. This results in efficient product solutions for high quality compressed air in large universities or in larger dental laboratories. Up to 20 treatment chairs – or even more, depending on usage patterns – can be supplied simultaneously with compressed air meeting the highest quality standards. AIRBOX CENTER and i.Comp TOWER T systems are efficient all-in-one compressed air solutions that combine a compressor, an air receiver and air treatment components with a refrigeration AIRBOX CENTER, i.Comp TOWER T dryer and optional filters. Mounted on a 270 l or 2 x 40 l capacity air receiver, they are perfect all-round compressed air stations. With the i.Comp 8 and 9 space-saving compact stations, KAESER is proud to present a completely new compressed air supply concept. At the heart of the innovative i.Comp family is a new drive concept, which provides a multitude of advantages. These systems deliver the necessary power to cover the required compressed air demand with infinitely variable control.

The Advantages:

  • Reliable moisture protection for your work, equipment and instruments.
  • The compressor keeps working reliably even when temperatures in your compressor room are high.
  • Automatic, strain-relieved condensate line keeps maintenance to a minimum.
  • Low pressure loss in the dryer and in filters (if installed). This enables you to run the system at lower pressure and therefore to save costs.
  • The high performance refrigerant condenser and quality refrigerant compressor ensure condensate-free compressed air even under the most demanding conditions.
  • Exceptional efficiency

Comfortably quiet

With high performance soundproofing, innovative multideflected cooling air flow and an acoustically decoupled compressor block, the AIRBOX CENTER and i.Comp TOWER T systems are better than just quiet – they are whisper quiet. The i.Comp TOWER T features an attractive enclosure made of roto-moulded polyethylene which provides impressive sound insulation, impact resistance and value retention. 

100 % duty cycles

The innovative cooling solution, featuring a powerful fan for both the drive motor and compressor block, together with precisely tailored cooling air flow, the i.Comp TOWER T is capable of 100 % duty cycles at ambient temperatures up to + 45 °C.




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