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HPC Mobilair M58

Portable Compressors With the world-renowned SIGMA PROFILE Flow rate 4.7 to 5.6 m³/min (165 to 200 cfm)

The powerful combination of the highly efficient KAESER SIGMA PROFILE rotary screw airend and an energy-saving Kubota engine equipped with a diesel particulate filter as standard provides impressive fuel efficiency and super-clean performance.

Maximum versatility

The MOBILAIR M 58 is the ideal choice for powering equipment such as breakers and impact borers and is also perfectly suited to blasting applications. Meticulous construction and premium quality components ensure trouble-free operation in ambient temperatures ranging from -10 °C to +50 °C. A low temperature version is also available for use in colder ambient temperatures. Versatility is further enhanced by the chassis, as it can be equipped with a fixed or height adjustable tow bar. Stationary versions can be installed either on skids or machine mounts.

Pressure variants

Models are available in various pressure versions ranging from 7 to 10 bar according to requirement. Pressure can be reduced easily in steps of 0.5 bar down to 6 bar using the SIGMA CONTROL SMART's arrow keys. The pressure adjustment feature can also be electronically disabled to safeguard parameter settings against unauthorised changes.

Closed floor pan option

The sealed floor pan catches all liquids and consequently prevents soil contamination in environmentally sensitive zones. All drainage openings are sealed with screw plugs.

MOBILAIR low emission zone

With its diesel particulate filter, the M 58 fulfils the US-American TIER 4 final exhaust emissions standard and is therefore welcome in environmental zones.

Anti-Frost Control as standard

Without the optional compressed air aftercooler, the patented Anti-Frost Control automatically adjusts operating temperature in relation to ambient. In combination with the optional tool lubricator, this feature prevents air tools from freezing up and significantly extends their service life.

Optional compressed air aftercooler

The compressed air aftercooler cools the compressed air to 7 °C above ambient. Because the aftercooler is installed at an angle the condensate is able to easily drain away. This environmentally-friendly design prevents problems caused by freezing in winter and the condensate is evaporated using the hot exhaust gases from the engine.


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