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Rotary Blowers

Maximum efficiency plays a key role in all rotary blower & exhauster applications and is achieved though using a blower block which is perfectly suited to the task in hand.A comprehensive and diverse range of HPC KAESER two- and three-lobe blower blocks ensures that there's a highly efficient OMEGA blower to meet every customer's technical requirements.

HPC KAESER OMEGA blowers will work at pressures to 1000mb and vacuum to -500mbar. The inlet and discharge silencers are designed to be effective at all frequencies and are eminently suited to variable speed machines. The OMEGA profile high speed design ensures exceptional acoustic performance from the standardised enclosure range.

Higher rotational blower speeds produce high volumetric efficiencies, which in turn lower discharge temperatures and power consumption. The Compact Range ensures that all serviceable items are accessed from the front panels of enclosures. As there is no requirement for side access, side by side installation of multiple machines shows a significant saving in civils costs brought about by the lowest possible footprint requirements.

Where humidity and temperature are significant factors in the correct operation of a system, HPC can offer a complete range of coolers (air-blast and shell-and-tube) and dryers designed specifically for blower and exhauster applications where low pressure drop performance is vital.

A wide control range combined with low energy consumption is vitally important for blower applications. By using a frequency converter, inlet flow can be variably controlled to match actual demand.

The rotors in KAESER KOMPRESSOREN’s new CBS, DBS, EBS, FBS and HBS series rotary screw blowers are descended from the world-renowned SIGMA PROFILE and have been designed to meet the specialised needs associated with blower applications. So, just like their compressor counterparts, KAESER’s rotary screw blowers deliver more compressed for less energy. Together, the blower airend and the premium quality mechanical and electrical components create a powerful, energy-efficient turnkey blower system with forward-thinking design.

Efficient operation

KAESER rotary screw blowers use up to 35 percent less energy than conventional rotary lobe blowers and also achieve significant energy savings compared to other currently available low pressure compressors. The combination of a blower airend with high efficiency SIGMA PROFILE rotors, flow-optimised components, efficient power transmission and high efficiency drive motors ensures exceptional performance, guaranteed by KAESER in accordance with the stringent tolerances of ISO 1217.

Long-term dependability

Renowned throughout the world for their quality design, components and manufacture, KAESER products provide long-term machine and process availability you can count on. Quality features include durable rotor bearings, dependable power transmission, specifically dimensioned drive motors, torsion-free sound enclosures with effective cooling air flow, SIGMA CONTROL 2 machine controller for efficient and dependable operation – there are too many to list!

Cool and quiet

KAESER rotary screw blowers also master the balancing act between best possible damping of structure- and fluid-borne noise and optimised cooling of the blower airend, drive motor and intake air. In fact the reduction of fluid-borne noise – i.e. pulsations caused by the compressed process air that are conveyed in the connected pipework – was refined to the point of perfection.


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