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Energy-saving dryers from HPC KAESER enable significant savings all day, every day. For example, at 40% airflow they consume only 43% of their nominal energy requirement. Therefore in comparison with conventional dryers equipped with hot-gas bypass control they achieve energy cost savings of approximately 54%. 
In addition, each unit is fitted as standard with a timer which allows further savings to be made, e.g. in periods of low demand and downtime, such as during work breaks and the weekend - every kilowatt saved reduces CO² emissions and consequently benefits the environment. Moreover, extra savings of approximately £700 per year are possible if the dryers are used in air systems with redundant compressed air treatment and drying capacity, i.e. operating at 50 to 70 percent of rated compressed air flow.

Why is it necessary to dry compressed air?

The atmospheric air drawn into a compressor is a mixture of gases that always contains water vapour. However, the amount of water vapour that air can carry depends on the temperature. As air temperature rises – which occurs during compression – the air's ability to hold moisture increases also. When the air is cooled, its capacity to hold moisture decreases, causing the water vapour to condense. Removing the moisture from the compressed air not only prevents costly breakdowns and production downtime, but also keeps maintenance and repair costs to a minimum.

Exceptional efficiency

Refrigeration drying is usually the most efficient solution for the majority of compressed air applications. Air-drying is now made even more cost-effective with KAESER'S advanced energy-saving system.

The innovative energy-saving system

KAESER’s patented energy-saving system was designed with optimum performance in mind: In contrast to comparable refrigeration drying systems, energy-saving refrigeration dryers from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN are equipped with high-efficiency refrigerant compressors. Needless to say, this added user advantage makes a significant contribution towards overall system efficiency.

Saving energy every day

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN energy-saving dryers consume electrical power only when actually drying air. The energy-saving control uses a combination of compressed air temperature measurement, programmable logic control and a refrigerant compressor that adjusts the size of its compression chamber according to flow volume. Electrical power consumption is directly proportional to air flow rate. For example, at 40% maximum air flow rate, electrical power consumption is only 43% of rated maximum. Energy-saving dryers from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN therefore enable significant savings of several thousand Euro per year.


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