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The key aim of any refrigeration dryer is to provide reliable condensate separation, which is why HPC KAESER use a separate stainless steel condensate separator. This configuration is far superior to systems using integrated solutions as it achieves better condensate separation and is more reliable. TAH / TBH / TCH Series refrigeration dryers combine all of these features within a robust powder-coated metal casing to provide exceptional air treatment in accordance with EN 60204-1, which means dependable, sustained pressure dew point performance of +3ºC even at high ambient temperatures up to +45ºC.

The quality of a refrigeration dryer is best judged by how effectively and reliably it can separate condensate, particularly at high ambient temperatures. With this in mind, the developers at HPC KAESER created the TAH-TCH refrigeration dryer series. Featuring highly efficient refrigeration circuits and HPC KAESER developed hot-gas bypass regulators, these dryers are designed for optimum performance. The air circulating system for the corrosion resistant stainless steel plate heat exchanger further illustrates this, as it is made from stainless steel and copper piping.

High performance refrigerant condenser

The dryer’s generously dimension heat exchanger surfaces enable effective heat transfer even at high ambient temperatures. Robust fi ns with barrier-free fl ow can be easily cleaned as required.

Optimised cooling-air flow 

The cleverly designed cooling air fl ow system in KRYOSEC dryers plays a signifi cant role in ensuring operational reliability. For example, installation of the fan wheel within its own enclosure directly on the refrigerant condenser prevents bypass fl ows from occurring that can negatively impact performance.

Premium quality refrigerant compressor

The premium quality reciprocating compressors used in KRYOSEC dryers are designed to provide reliable operation in ambient temperatures of up to +50 °C. 

Low pressure differential

The dryer’s stainless steel plate heat exchanger is complemented by an air-air heat exchanger. Low pressure differential and high quality insulation ensure energy-efficient operation at all times. The integrated condensate separator provides dependable performance even under conditions with fluctuating compressed air flow.

Dependable condensate drainage

The electronic ECO-DRAIN condensate drain provides dependable condensate drainage without pressure loss. Cold surfaces are insulated to prevent condensate formation and corrosion from occurring on the inside of the system. A ball valve installed at the condensate inlet enables quick and simple maintenance.

Low profile, high ground clearance

With their low profi le design, KRYOSEC dryers fi t easily beneath machinery and work platforms. Moreover, machine feet increase ground clearance and therefore help to protect the unit`s internal components.


KRYOSEC dryers are delivered ready-to-run with a power supply cable; the cable is strain-relieved via a PG screw connection. Commissioning couldn’t be easier in fact, as there’s no need to even open the unit!


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