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air compressor and compressed air hire in London, bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, derbyshire, lincolnshire, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, nottinghamshire, Sussex, oxfordshire, surrey. We are also offering compressed air dryer hire, dental compressor hire and mobile compressor rental



Fixed Speed

55-2 | 75-2 | 90-2 | 120-2 | 130-2

Variable Speed

90-2 SFC | 120-2 SFC | 130-2 SFC


Available with i-Hoc (Rotary Dryer)

Fixed Speed

140 | 180 | 220 | 260 | 290

Variable Speed

180 SFC | 220 SFC | 260 SFC | 290 SFC


Fixed Speed

300 | 350 | 420 | 450 | 500 | 520

Variable Speed

420 SFC | 500 SFC | 520 SFC

Water Cooled

Oil-free compression rotary screw compressors with water-cooling

Compact energy-savers

Durable yet refined drive and cooling solutions enable us to achieve lowest possible power consumption values. 
This, in combination with a Kaeser heat recovery system, also allows you to significantly reduce your heating costs. We'd be glad to help you with a solution that meets your exact needs. 
Thanks to their compact design and type-dependant small exhaust air duct, our water-cooled oil-free compression rotary screw compressors earn extra points when it comes to installation in low-ceiling areas.

  • Flow rates from 3.3 to 50.8 m³/min
  • Also available as a peak-load model with variable-speed control and frequency converter (SFC model versions)
  • Also available with integrated i.HOC rotation dryer (DSG-2 series)

Your advantages

  • Extraordinarily low compressed air discharge temperature: 
    The tube bundle of the two air/water heat exchangers consists of high-quality CuNi10Fe pipes with welded-on aluminium star profile for optimal heat conduction.
  • Lower costs thanks to heat recovery: 
    With a Kaeser heat recovery system, up to 96% of compressor exhaust heat can be recycled – for example, to heat water to 90 °C.
  • Maintenance-friendly: 
    The air/water heat exchangers of the 1st and 2nd compression stages are housed in two separate enclosures, each with optimal accessibility thanks to large service doors.

Long-term efficiency

Compressed air simply has to be available where and whenever it is needed. KAESER dry compression rotary screw compressors are therefore built to last and to ensure many years of dependable performance. Comprising tried and tested components that have been developed as a result of KAESER’s near century of experience in mechanical engineering, KAESER compressors deliver the durability and compressed air availability to meet even the toughest of demands.

Innovation you can trust

Using all of the advantages that KAESER’s advanced Research and Development Centre in Coburg has to offer, KAESER’s engineers designed every detail of the twostage dry compression rotary screw airend with maximum efficiency and performance in mind. Further additional system features include the use of fi bre-free pulse dampers and, with water-cooled compressor packages, an integrated heat recovery module.

Efficiency as standard

KAESER quality and expertise really count when it comes to those all-important total system costs for asset investments such as compressors or complete compressed air supply systems. Lowest possible compressed air costs and maximum availability can be guaranteed only through a combination of perfect interplay between energy efficiency and service / maintenance, and by viewing the compressed air supply system as a whole.


These versatile systems were engineered for optimum ease-of-use and servicing right from the outset of the design stage. Fewer wearing parts and the use of premium quality materials ensure reduced maintenance requirement, longer service intervals and extended service life. Excellent component accessibility as a result of generously sized maintenance doors and a swing-out cooler are just some of the features that make servicing so effortless.

Energy-efficiency: the essential requirement

Investment and service costs account for only a small part of a compressor’s total life-cycle costs. Since energy accounts for the lion’s share of those costs, it’s wise to save with KAESER Life-Cycle Management. KAESER has been committed to minimising your energy costs for compressed air production for over 40 years. We also have the bigger picture in clear focus when it comes to service and maintenance, as well as maximum compressed air supply availability.


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